Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sign Creation

Here is the first homemade sign I've made. It was so simple! Luckily, my parents have tons of old wood boards that I can use, so I am very thankful for that! Here is how I created my sign:

Step 1: Figure out what you want your sign to say.
Finding the perfect saying for your sign can be tricky! It took awhile for me figure out exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to search eBay for wall decals! I actually bought this decal from eBay because I didn't have any stencils and I figured that doing this would save some time!

Step 2: Pick out the perfect size board for your sign.
You definitely want to make sure you have enough room for your saying. Find the board that fits perfectly.

Step 3: Paint the board the color you want.
I decided to paint mine green, since it was going in my bedroom and we have a brown/blue/green theme going on.

Step 4: Distress the board.
In order to give my board a distressed look, I just took white paint and painted a light coat over the green. Immediately afterwards, I took a rag and started to wipe the white paint off.

Step 5: Apply decal.
After the board was dry, I applied the decal using the directions it gave me. I spaced my words out differently, so I just cut the words apart and put them where they I wanted them to go.

This was such a simple project! Using the decal definitely saved time and made it much simpler.

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