Wednesday, June 18, 2014

About Me

Let's start by introducing myself. My name is Amanda Danielle Erickson. I am 23 years young. In my senior year of high school, I made the decision to do the post-secondary program at a local tech college, where I got degrees in Legal Administrative Assistant and Paralegal. I currently work in a county attorney's office, and let me tell you, every day is something new. I enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, traveling, swimming, scrap booking, playing video games, and many more things. I am currently in a relationship with a (almost always) wonderful guy, Brendan. We've been dating since 9th grade. Crazy how the years just fly by! We bought our first house together in December of 2012. You never know how exciting that first house can be. Of course, a house isn't a home without animals, so we decided to get our kitty, Meeko, in January of 2013. But one animal just isn't enough for me. We got our black lab, Audi, in February of 2014. They both have such personalities and I enjoy every minute I spend with them.

My life is just beginning, I have so many years ahead of me and I cannot wait to see what kind of adventures are in my future.

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