Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Twenty.Fourteen Vacation

Over the next few days, I will be posting about some of the things we did on our trip to Georgia & back!  It was an amazing adventure and we got to experience MANY incredible things!

Our destination was Helen, Georgia. This has to be one of the cutest towns I've ever seen! The look and feel of the town is as if you are in a small German town. It is a perfect town for the Southern Worthersee, a Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche car show. Brendan is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Volkswagen and Audi cars, so this was a perfect trip for him.

Brendan decided that he wanted to enter his car in the show. So, we got up early Saturday morning and put it in the show. His car looked amazing, along with a lot of the other cars. Unfortunately, Brendan did not make it in the Top 50. By the looks of the cars that DID make it is, he had really tough competition!

Southern Worthersee was only a small portion of our trip. Stay tuned for more posts about the things we did on our way back home.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Glendalough State Park

About two years ago, my cousin and I decided to plan a camping trip with our friends. We had the tent, supplies, and food, all we needed was a place to camp. We searched the Minnesota State Park website and took a peek at all of our options for camping. We decided to go to Glendalough State Park, and we were pleasantly surprised! We had so much fun camping there, we decided that if we ever wanted to make a day trip to a place that we could canoe, this would be our spot!

Recently, Nicole and I decided that we were going to take a trip back to Glendalough State Park, but only for the day. We paid very little to get into the park and we decided to go canoeing down the chain of lakes. It was so much fun!


Glendalough State Park is a beautiful little park by Battle Lake, Minnesota. You wouldn't know that such a cute little park was tucked away amongst the fields that surround Battle Lake. It is a great place to go, even just for the day. The self-serve system is the best! You don't have to wait for a park ranger to be around in order to rent a canoe. All you have to do is put your money in the box and off you go!

Now both of my aunts like to go up there for a few hours with the kids and go swimming. My entire family now enjoys this wonderful little park that Nicole and I "discovered."

If you are ever looking for a place to go for the day, Glendalough State Park is a great choice!